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Ancestral Yoga
Pradomar, Colombia


The need to return to ancestral wisdom

The group has seen the need in these times to return home. That house that is our home, that house that is Mother, Father, Nature, Pacha Mama, Earth, Wisdom, The Ancestors. That home that seems to be outside but is really a manifestation of our inner world.

The need to understand that we are not in control of anything leads us to different ways of seeing the world and of doing things. Flow, let go, connect, return to my center, understand my purpose and walk through the world fully despite the constant changes of life is the purpose of this space that we share with you today.

A space to honor all those who came before us to leave us an energetic legacy to heal and contribute to the healing of humanity. This space is to honor a cycle that ends, and manifest your new cycle of creation.

A retreat where you can connect with tools such as Vedic Astrology, Vedic Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation and the union of the 5 elements to know and experience your Ancestral Wisdom.

This space is ideal for learning, letting go, sharing and finding yourself. This retreat is ideal to look at your life from another perspective.

At the end of the retreat, you can include 15 hours in Continuing Education with the Yoga Alliance.

The Ideal Destination

Barranquilla, where the Rio Magdalena connects with the Caribbean Sea, a beautiful sunny city throughout the year. Barranquilla has a wide range of recreational and cultural activities to enjoy, including the Museum of Modern Art, Bocas de Cenizas (place where the river connects with the sea), the Castillo de Salgar, the Malecom, Avenida al Rio, and the beaches of Pradomar. You will be able to enjoy the different activities in your free spaces.


It includes

IMG_4028 2.JPG
  • 3 nights, 4 days stay in a private villa.

  • 3 healthy meals a day

  • Drinking water, fruits, snacks.

  • Yoga sessions to release blockages

  • Yoga sessions to root ourselves

  • Yoga sessions to calm emotions

  • Meditation with Japamalas and mantras

  • Meditation and energy balance

  • Incense, intention and intuition

  • Yoga workshop: Surya Namaskar - Chandra Namaskar

  • Oracles and developing intuition

  • New moon ritual

  • Yoga: A look into the Vedas

  • Andean offering ceremony La Pacha Mama

  • Intro to Vedic Astrology: Universe of Possibilities. (Dharma & Karma)

  • Yoga Philosophy: Dharma (discovering your purpose)

  • Yoga Nidra and emotional aromatherapy

  • Relaxation session with Tibetan bowls and sacred herbs

  • Kit of crystals, incenses and emotional aromatherapy

  • Japamala for your meditation technique

  • Akashic Meditation digital course that you can take anytime you want

  • Personalized attention

  • Continuous advice









Time of
Interior space





Honor your











Akasha Yoga School


Our meeting is a beautiful villa located 15 minutes from the city in Pradomar, facing the sea.

Akasha School of Yoga located in an area where nature and the sea complement each other. You can enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and majestic sunsets.

The villa has 6 bedrooms, study and relaxation areas, a swimming pool, an outdoor shala (space to practice) and a private lounge.
All our food is vegan-vegetarian, varied and balanced, in order to meet the nutritional requirements you need for your daily practice. We try to keep the food mostly organic.




Toda nuestra alimentación es vegana-vegetariana, variada y equilibrada, con el fin de cumplir con los requerimientos nutricionales que necesites para tu practica diaria. Intentamos de que la alimentación sea en su mayoría orgánica.

Andean Ceremony at
Pacha Mama

Ancestral healing

Dispatch or Haywarikuy

Ancestral ritual of the Andean cultures to offer to the Earth based on the principle of reciprocity, ayni: give and receive. Through this ritual banquet, gratitude ceremonies are performed, and requests are made for the health of a person or family, requesting spiritual permits, protections or requesting material abundance in any of its forms. It is a ritual of deep connection with the sacred feminine represented in the ñustas of nature to enter into balance with its yanantin (opposite): the sacred masculine, the apus. Requests are made to them and sent as an offering and under the Andean principle of pujllay, the sacred celebration, which today is preserved in the Andes as a traditional and ancestral dance.


La Experiencia

The teachers



Hi, I'm Lila!

Leading Teacher &
Reiki Master

An EYRT 200 and RYT500 certified instructor by the Yoga Alliance, Lila is a therapist, nutritionist, speaker, speaker, and holistic coach on topics related to nutrition, meditation, yoga practice, Master Reiki, Akashic Records, Astrology, and spiritual connection. . He started his way through the practice in Colombia where he did 2 master's degrees in Vinyasa Yoga. His third master's degree was in Thailand, with teachers from Osho, BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. Lila has conducted courses, certifications, and workshops in Colombia, Thailand, Estonia, and Spain.


. Hello, I'm Pablo!

Professor of Philosophy & Meditation

. Pablo is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and Reiki Master.

Pablo has spent many years living in China and has traveled extensively in Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia, integrating different cultures and philosophies related to yoga, meditation and Indian philosophy. His passion for philosophy has led him to give workshops in different places in Asia and Europe.


The values



Secure your quota with $ 500,000 COP
All inclusive value


Shared Double Room

Secure your quota with $ 500,000 COP
All inclusive value

To keep in mind

We have all the biosafety protocols.
We require Covid testing no more than 72 hours after testing.
If you are interested in registering, you should first check the availability of the room.

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