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Spiritual Coaching

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Why a Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching is a way of teamwork, based on SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE.


Understanding spiritual intelligence, as the basic desire that we all have to find a fundamental purpose in our own existence, carrying out an integrated life.


Spiritual coaching provides tools and techniques to discover what do you really want? and how can you achieve it? In addition, coaching looks for your potential within you so that you are the protagonist of your life and of your changes.


With tools such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Akashic Records, Spiritual Reconnection Therapies, we are building exercises so that you can consciously live your life.

Light Tools

Akashic Records

Libros de lectura

Spiritual teachers, who remind us of the creative power that we carry within, of the responsibilities and the infinite possibilities.
Reveal the answers to the deepest questions of the soul:


Why have I come?
What is my unique and unrepeatable contribution?
Why and why does what happens to me happen to me?


The wonder of the Records does not lie solely in being the source of an immense amount of information, but in their potential to heal us, to activate our Personal Mastery, in other words to live the life that we are called to live.

Value: $ 180,000 COP - $ 60USD

Monthly Plans

4 sessions

$ 450,000

8 sessions

$ 850,000

10 sessions

$ 1,000,000

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