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Holistic Nutrition

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10 years ago I discovered my passion for good nutrition, after countless diets and attacks on my body, I decided to love and honor it from the inside out.


As a Fitness Nutritionist, and current Ayurveda Nutrition student, I found mindful eating the medicine for absolutely everything.


Not only on a physical level, you feel better, your emotions, allergies, feelings, intolerances, your health begins to change.


I have had the honor of helping many people over the years, and I can help you too.


- Lilac


Personalized nutrition

Food according to your physical, energetic and emotional body type.

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Nutritional Counseling

  • Assessment with anthropometry to know% of fat,% of muscle mass, and body mass index. (through photographic images if you do not live in Barranquilla, Colombia)

  • Study and analysis of your particular case.

  • Detailed report of the analysis carried out and the program to follow to meet your objectives.

  • Healthy shopping guide.

  • Guide of supplements according to your specific objective.

  • Fit Tips.

  • Healthy menus and recipes.

  • Monthly monitoring and evaluation of the objectives.

  • During the advisory time I am available every day to answer all your concerns and questions.


Value of the advisory: $ 150,000 COP

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