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Meditation is a master key to get in touch with our soul, where our true dreams lie and the potential to make them come true. It is there where we enter into connection with the Source of everything that exists, that resides and speaks to us within us.

To establish contact with the Divinity in us, the universal soul that resides within us, we need to calm the oscillations of the mind, that is, our internal dialogue to be able to listen.

Meditation is not concentration, or visualization, or imagination. We do these activities with the mind and meditation transcends the mind. When we meditate we are in the alpha state, when we work with the mind, our brain waves are in the beta state. When we meditate it is not about seeing the image of what we want, but about surrendering our mind to the Source, letting the emptiness flow, the silence.

The benefits of meditation are innumerable. With scientific and spiritual bases, meditation undoubtedly helps us to live better.

From regulating sleep patterns, reducing stress and anxiety, improving post-traumatic situations, relaxing muscles, improving blood pressure, increasing concentration and memory, reducing depression, etc.

You will get all these benefits with your meditation practice, however the ultimate goal of meditating is to discover the Truth about who you are, and to experience your inner search.

Meditating will set you free.

There are many types of meditation. From my experiences I have experienced various types and techniques, each of them has been valuable, however my work as an energy therapist and as a channel of energy in the Akasha (Sanskrit word for Ether), has allowed me to develop this valuable technique to connect us. with the Universal Energy and experience Unity, the Source of Energy that resides within each one.

With Akashic meditation, you will experience the fullness, happiness, unconditional love and harmony that lies within you. With Akashic meditation you will understand that you are a being of infinite light, that you are One with the creator, with the creation.

Join me on this journey inland.

What you will learn:

  • In this course you will experience the fullness of meditation.
  • You will learn to develop your intuition.
  • To balance your energy centers to be able to meditate.
  • To calm the oscillations of the mind.
  • You will learn to connect with the Inner Source.
  • Listen to the messages and responses.
  • To discover your Truth.
  • To understand and experience that you are more than your thoughts and emotions.
  • To experience inner happiness.

Akashic Meditation Course

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