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Day 1

Aprox time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Introduction to Anatomy and Anatomy of the Shoulders.

Watch videos.

Read pages 1 to 10  in your Anatomy book. (Skeleton)

Read pages 15 and 23 to 29 in your Anatomy book. (Shoulder Girdle and the muscles that support it)

Day 2

Aprox time: 40 minutes.

Shoulder Asana Practice

You will need blocks, a small towel and a strap for this practice. 

Watch video.


Day 3

Aprox time: 1 hour.

Anatomy of the spine

Read pages 11 to 14 and 40 to 49.

Day 4

Aprox time: 60 minutes.

Spine Asana Practice


Movement and Joints


Read pages 13 to 22 in your Anatomy Manual. 

Day 5

Aprox time: 1 hour

Anatomy of the hip

Watch video. 

Read pages 30 to 39  in your Anatomy book. (Pelvic Girdle)

Day 6

Aprox time: 45 minutes 

Hip Asana.

Watch video to make practice.

Week 4

Day 6

Aprox time: 1 hour 30 minutes 

Breath and the Nervous System

Watch video to make practice.

Read pages 50 to 53 in your Anatomy Manual. 

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