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I have defined meditation as the practice of being aware in the here and now. From my experience, meditating 10-15 minutes, once or twice a day allows us to create a space of connection to reconnect with our essence. As you start the day connecting with you, you will notice how your thoughts, actions and attitudes are changing. Since I started my meditation practice I have noticed how my reactions to situations are not the same, I have developed patience, compassion, and empathy towards all beings; I have awakened my intuition, I have forgiven more easily and I have been healing patterns, beliefs and blocks.

What does the science say about the practice of meditation? There are many studies and research that are worth reading, but among the most significant benefits at the brain level are the different stages through which the brain waves pass through entering deeper states of meditation.

Between them:

• Beta waves: concentration

• Alpha waves: relaxation, creativity

• Theta waves (deep meditation): problem solving

• Delta waves (advanced meditation): deep sleep without sleep



  1. Perform meditation without expectations.

  2. Choose an hour in the day. (preferably in the morning) set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you usually set it upon waking.

  3. Choose a place to do meditation every day. Performing the meditation in the same place gives it a unique energy, raising the vibration and frequency.

  4. Keep in mind that the back should always be straight. You can sit in a chair with a back, on a cushion or rug. (The lotus flower pose- (legs crossed on the floor) is optional).

  5. Optional: You can include candles, (my favorites are purple and white because they allow cleaning and transmuting energy), incense, palo santo. 👀 It is not necessary.

  6. Keep a journal: Write how you felt after meditating. If ideas or messages came to your mind. It is important to do it right after meditating.

  7. Inhale and exhale through the nose. In meditation and in the practice of yoga.

  8. Enjoy meditation.

Meditación Dia 1
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meditacion dia 02
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meditacion dia 3
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meditacion dia 4
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meditacion dia 5
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meditacion dia 6
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